Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Top 10 Isagenix Health Stories of 2012

Recap the last year in health with the top ten Isagenix health stories of 2012.
Welcoming the New Year is more than just champagne toasts, funny hats and noisemakers, and watching the ball drop. Also part of bringing in 2013 should be reflecting on and remembering the most influential happenings of 2012. In that spirit, we bring you the links to the 10 most popular Isagenix health stories that came out of 2012:
1.  Isagenix Clinical Study Published in Peer-Reviewed Journal
Probably one of the biggest happenings in the Isagenix science world was the completion and publication of the clinical study done at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) that involved Isagenix products. Not only was the study published in a prestigious scientific journal. But the results showed that the Isagenix system is the way to go for improved health and weight loss.
2.  7 Ways New IsaLean Shakes Are More Nutritious Than Ever
Another major happening in 2012 at Isagenix was the release of the new IsaLean Shakes. The improvements are numerous, and after reading this article it’s easy to see how the world’s best shake has gotten even better.
3.  New, Third-Generation Product B
We can’t talk about new product happenings in 2012 without mentioning the release of the new and improved Product B. John Anderson has been a busy man, and that means we all benefit with more potent tools in the quest to age youthfully.
4.  The New Isagenix Brain and Sleep Support System
Also released in 2012 was the Brain and Sleep Support System—supporting both a healthy brain and good night’s rest for optimal health. Listen in as Dr. Michael Colgan discusses the features and benefits of this new system and products.
5.  Top 25 Questions About Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing
People will always have questions about Isagenix and how to best use the systems—and we’ll always have answers. You can find some of those answers here, as Dr. Ina Nozek, clinical nutritionist and Isagenix expert, answers some of the most frequently asked Isagenix questions.
6.  SCULPT Away Your Deadly Belly Fat
Visceral fat firmly established itself in 2012, along with the dangers of it. Not too much of a worry though, because Isagenix may be one of the best defenses against visceral fat, in more ways than one.
7.  Why Use New Zealand Whey? Grain-Fed Cows Are Sick
If there’s one lesson to walk away from 2012 with, it may be that not all protein is created equal. This is why Isagenix sources protein from one of the most pristine and best places possible—New Zealand. Learn why New Zealand protein is the best of the best, and you can even download a handy-dandy flyer that sums it all up.
8.  Interview with Dr. Phillips on Whey Vs. Soy
Speaking of protein, and why any old protein will not do, this interview with one of the world’s most prolific nutrition researchers will make you realize the superiority of whey protein.
9.  Nature’s Answer to Stress
If you’re human, then you probably deal with stress. But did you know that certain botanicals can actually assist your body in improving how it handles stress? Learn all about these amazing botanicals, called adaptogens, and why everyone should probably be getting a daily dose.
10.  Nutrient Timing with Isagenix For Athletes
If there’s one thing that 2012 proved, its that Isagenix is perfect for athletes. Different athletes have different nutrient needs though, and in this article we point out what the science shows for making sure you get the most out of your performance, no matter what type of athlete you are.