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How to Best Use Cleanse for Life

Tips for Your Cleanse Day Success
Bathing suits, shorts and tank tops are just around the corner— but don’t fret! You have one powerful secret weapon in your back pocket: Cleanse for Life®.
Unlike the other “super juices” out there that try to tout their one-berry wonder, Cleanse for Life harnesses some of nature’s most rare and potent plants and minerals to create an elixir that packs a healthy, refreshing punch. No diuretics; no stimulants; just the best, most effective parts of plants such as bilberry, Aloe vera inner filet leaf gel and ashwagandha. That translates into the best cleanse drink on the planet. No compromise necessary!
So, what’s the best way to take advantage of this life-giving nectar of nature? Take a peek at the tips we’ve received from experienced Isagenix Associates who have discovered the energizing benefits of a Nutritional Cleansing and Cellular Replenishing lifestyle.
5 Cleanse Day Tips for Success
  • Bring Your Cleanse On-the-Go. Summer vacation or business trip on the calendar? Don’t skip your Cleanse Day; order a canister of Cleanse for Life powder instead! The canister contains the same amount of Cleanse for Life, just without the liquid. Add two well-rounded scoops to your purified water and you’re good to go.
  • Cleanse Every Day. You don’t have to wait ’til your next Cleanse Day to replenish your body with essential vitamins, minerals and energizing adaptogens. Try Everyday Cleansing. With just 1-to-2 ounces of the Cleanse for Life liquid in the morning and evening or one well-rounded scoop of the powder in 2-to-4 ounces of purified water twice daily, you’ll get the healthy benefits of this delicious drink every day.
  • Snack Healthy. On Cleanse Days, make sure you have your IsaDelight Plus™ andIsagenix Snacks!™ handy.Enjoy two to four green-tea enhanced, antioxidant-rich IsaDelight Plus and fire up your fat-burning potential along with a few Isagenix Snacks! to curb your appetite thanks to the chromium included and you’ll be on the pathway to health success in no time.
  • Try Ionix® Supreme and Cleanse for Life Together. Really, it’s okay to mix this dynamic duo! In fact, mix two scoops Cleanse for Life powder with 1 scoop of Ionix Supreme powder in an IsaShaker™ full of water and enjoy it as your first cleanse of the day. You’ll be amazed by the fruity flavor and energizing kick.
  • Cleanse with a Friend. Whether you need the extra support or just want someone to bounce your ideas off of, it’s one of the best ways to stay on track.
So what are you waiting for? Get that Cleanse Day on the calendar now and find a friend to join you in your quest for better health. Your body (and your swimsuit!) will thank you.

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