My name is Paul and I am a proud husband and father of two. I am a full time firefighter for a small city just west of Toronto.
Since I started my job back in the year 2000 I have always had concerns about toxic hazards of my job.  I had on several occasions considered cleansing, but the thought of staying in the washroom for days on end was just not appealing.  As time passed on and busy lives took over, I was finding my waist line increasing and my energy levels decreasing.  I was introduced to Isagenix, and after some research, my wife and I decided to give it a try.
It was one of the greatest decisions I have made in my life.  We decided on the nine day cleanse and I then followed it with the 30 day cleanse and fat loss program and I started to feel an amazing change.  My waist line decreased dramatically, the weight seemed to fall off.  I was able to reach my goal, feeling like a completely new person and fully energized.  I will continue to use Isagenix to guarantee a much healthier life, from inside and out.  
I have become a health and wellness coach and always look forward to helping people achieve their goals and feel as great as I do.