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Top 10 Keys for a Successful Deep Cleanse

Prepare for the best Cleansing results with these ten tips.
by Ina Nozek, DC, MS, CCN
Cleanse Days can be challenging. They require motivation, dedication, health-consciousness, restraint, and control. Deep Cleansing, or performing two Cleanse Days in a row, is a mini-marathon, a chess game between you and your impulses. While you alone must do the hard work, support is key to achievement. Raising the stakes, here are ten top secrets to claiming your Deep Cleansing success. 
1.  Drink water, water, and more water. It is easy to misunderstand your body’s thirst mechanism, but being out of touch is no reason to confound your Deep Cleanse. Sometimes we feel hungry when we are actually thirsty. Make sure to keep yourself very hydrated throughout your Cleanse Days. Remember, the products are an amazing support for your body during the release all of those nasty impurities but it is your job to flush them out. A minimum of ten glasses of pure, plain water are recommended each and every day.
2.   Snack to success. It is critical to keep your blood sugar stable so that you can function optimally while still supporting your body’s release of fat. The Isagenix Snacks!wafers are small saviors of satiety designed to do just that. Chew one wafer every couple of hours for a total of six to eight Snacks! throughout the day.
3.  Delight your brain. IsaDelight Plus Milk or Dark Chocolates are an absolutely delicious and effective way to reduce hunger and cravings! Delighting in two to four of these, even on a Cleanse Day, serves up a small dose of pleasure for you and your brain. But be mindful of timing and moderation. Make sure you wait at least a couple of hours after an Isagenix Snacks! wafer before consuming an IsaDelight Plus chocolate piece. If you have a chocolate, wait at least half an hour before having a snack. This will ensure the amino acids contained in an IsaDelight Plus deliver their most appetite-satisfying brain benefit and mitigate fluctuations in blood sugar.
4.  Get creative with Cleanse for Life. Clearly the cleansing staple, Cleanse for Life (available in liquid or powder) can be enjoyed several ways on a Cleanse Day. Most cleansers will take four servings (4 ounces of the liquid or 2 scoops of the powder). However, if you want to take the bite out of your belly, consider dividing the doses in half—you also have the option of doing eight servings of 2 ounces of the liquid or 1 scoop of the powder. Maybe make the whole batch and simply sip on it throughout the entire day so that by day’s end, you are completely done with it. Any combination is fine. Remember, you can also boost your hydration by diluting Cleanse for Life with as much water as you desire.
5.  Distract yourself from food. It may not seem in your nature to avoid your need to nurture, but whenever possible while cleansing, avoid cooking and preparing food for others. If you must cook for your family, plan to make something on that day that you don’t like or that really doesn’t tempt you. If you find your mind focusing on what you are dying to eat, gently move your thoughts to anything that is not food related. Better yet, think of how great you are going to feel about yourself when you are finished with your Deep Cleanse Days.
6.  Don’t overdo exercise. Cleansing can make you feel like your energy is low. Stay in tune with your body. Don’t over do it. It’s okay if you want to do an easy workout, take a nice walk, or even do a light yoga class, but don’t push your body to the point of becoming overly stressed, especially while you are cleansing. Pushing to exhaustion can compromise your cleanse efforts, put the body in a state of alarm, or even spur a feverish binge. Movement is important, so it is suggested that some form of mild exercise be done on a cleanse day, but anything strenuous is not necessarily recommended.
7.  Relax. Take a load off. It is so important to rest your body. If you have the opportunity to relax on a Cleanse Day, take advantage of it. Improve your results and your body by improving your rest. Burning the candles at both ends is never a good idea, but especially during a Deep Cleanse. Proper rest is mandatory for your body to repair and rejuvenate.
8.  Remember your IsaFlush. Make sure to take enough IsaFlush! (and Fiberpro) to ensure normal, daily bowel movements. Getting moving and staying hydrated will help keep your body in alignment. Release the body fat as well as the food belly. Staying regular is important to your weight loss and important for sustaining a healthy gut. Keep those bowels moving well!
9.  Visualize your success. See yourself attain your goal. So much of getting through Cleanse Days is the strong mindset of just doing it! Have a strong, clear vision of what you want to achieve for yourself. What is your desired weight? What size would you like to be? How clear will your skin be? How bright will your eyes be? See yourself as your picture of vibrant health and before you know it, you will look and feel fabulous!
10.  Stay connected. Cleanse with a friend, call your coach, connect with your support team, chat with other Isa-friends who are cleansing too, or join a group cleanse. Take advantage of social media—find friends in a new Isa Facebook group. These groups offer a wonderful community of people who share the passion for our products and who are actively working through the process of cleansing and replenishing. Finding a network of support is literally one click away!
About the Author
Dr. Ina Nozek
Dr. Ina S. Nozek is a clinical nutritionist and was in private practice from 1987 until 2009. She specializes in stubborn weight loss and detoxification. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College. She and her husband, Dr. Glenn Nozek owned and directed the Lifeline Center for Holistic Health. They were also the co-hosts of a cable TV series entitled, Lifeline; and a radio show entitled, Listen for your health. She and her husband live in Toms River, New Jersey, with their three children, Max, Arielle, and Jake.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What’s In My…? Top 5 Ingredient Questions Explained

Questions about ingredients? Isagenix has answers.
Simplification is an important part of weight loss. Being successful with weight loss really depends on simplifying our choices and approach so that simple becomes something we can stick with.  
Now, many Americans are making a move to simplify the ingredients on their food labels. Unfortunately, this is not so easy for people that can’t cook at home or that require quick, on-the-go meals.
However, quality nutrition can come in more than one package. Isagenix works to provide simple dietary solutions based on science to help you lose weight, and then maintain that healthy body weight, even with a fast-paced schedule.
Like any nutritional product, shelf-life, stability, texture, taste, balanced nutrition, and a palatable appearance are among our many priorities. Nonetheless, Isagenix has a commitment to providing all-natural, high-quality ingredients. Everything in our food and on our label has a purpose. With careful attention to detail, we make foods that are easily digestible, nutrient available, and free of processing contaminants. To put some common concerns at bay, here are five ingredients that you may have been wondering about, explained:
1. Silicon Dioxide
Silicon dioxide is not just in your IsaLean Shake, it is in the ground, your body, and your bones. Silicon dioxide is a type of sedimentary rock that is one of the most abundant naturally-occurring minerals on Earth.
Both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration have recognized silicon dioxide as absolutely harmless and safe for consumption (1;2). Underlining the absence of a threat, these authorities don’t even require silicon dioxide to be included on the label.
In the IsaLean Shakes, silicon dioxide prevents the powder from clumping by stabilizing the other ingredients and allowing the shake to blend well. No one wants a shake that won’t mix. Silicon dioxide plays a part in that smooth, creamy consistency that we all love from an IsaLean Shake.
Silicon is simply earth. It is found in oats, barley, rice bran, green beans, spinach, bananas, dried fruits, and nuts. It is important not to confuse the all-natural silicon with “silicone.” Silicone is a synthetic polymer (as a liquid or rubber-like plastic) that is used in breast implants. Silicone only happens to be made from silicon and other chemicals.
2. Chromium
Chromium amino acid chelate is not the easiest name to read—it makes sense that some uneasiness may follow when it’s in your food. So what is this odd-sounding nutrient?
Let’s stick with the mineral part: chromium (the amino acid chelate is provided for absorption). Chromium is essential for humans, particularly for managing blood sugar levels. Some confusion surrounds chromium as some people think it’s a toxic byproduct of industry, while others recognize it as a normal part of the food chain. It can’t be both, can it?
Chromium comes in two forms: chromium 3+ (trivalent) and chromium 6+ (tetravalent). The 3 and 6 correspond to the number of electrons the chromium atom has, or more correctly, the number of electrons it is missing. A master of oxidative damage, chromium 6+ is harmful to health, is a byproduct of industry, and is not found in the food supply.And most certainly not is it found in Isagenix products!
Chromium 3+ is widely distributed in the food supply, found in egg yolks, brewer’s yeast, apple peels, black pepper, dietary supplements, and the IsaLean Shake. Trivalent chromium gained fame in 1959 for its redeeming qualities that dubbed it the “glucose tolerance factor.” The chromium in brewer’s yeast improved glucose tolerance in aging mice (3)—a finding that is particularly relevant to consumers today as it shows the potential chromium 3+ has as a safe, essential mineral that manages metabolism and blood sugar.
There is no RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for chromium, but the AI (adequate intake) has been set. There is little research into chromium deficiency; however, some symptoms of diabetes or poor blood glucose regulation have been reported.
3. Phenylalanine
The IsaDelight is an enjoyable indulgence packaged with a warning. Chances are if you chomp at the bit for a piece of chocolate, you have stumbled across an IsaDelight and read the label: “Phenylketonurics: Contains phenylalanine.” So what is phenylalanine and why would it be selectively pointed out beyond inclusion in the ingredient list?
Some individuals have a rare disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU) and they must avoid all foods with phenylalanine because they cannot metabolize it. However, for most of us, it is simply an essential amino acid.
There are nine amino acids that are essential, meaning they must be obtained from the diet. Phenylalanine is one of the essential amino acids, notable for mood, brain function, and energy. Naturally occurring, phenylalanine is found in many protein-rich foods, including milk, eggs, and beef. Phenylalanine has many functions in the body, among them being a precursor for body proteins and some of the brain chemicals responsible for mood, as well as being a component of the hormones that govern metabolism and parts of the body’s stress response (4).
A point of confusion people may have with phenylalanine is because of its use as a component of a commonly used artificial sweetener. Aspartame, sold as NutraSweet, is a methyl ester of a dipeptide that includes both aspartic acid and phenylalanine. Foods containing aspartame must also contain a warning for phenylketonurics. However, the artificial sweetener is not used in IsaDelight or any Isagenix products.
4. Palm Kernel Oil
Palm kernel oil is a stable vegetable oil that is extracted from the seed of Elaeis guineensis, the oil palm. Thriving in tropical areas, oil palm is commonly found in Southeast Asia and central Africa. Palm kernel oil is solid at room temperature, which is something that is unique for a plant-based oil. The reason is because of its high content in the medium-chain triglyceride lauric acid (similar to coconut oil).
A cardio-friendly alternative to animal fat, palm kernel oil is free of dietary cholesterol, and there is no evidence that it increases production of cholesterol in the body (5). Palm kernel oil is stable at room temperature, does not require hydrogenation (the process behind trans-fat formation), and has a long shelf life. You may recognize this palatable plant-base in nutritious treats like the SlimCakes.
5. Maltodextrin
A derivative of starch, maltodextrin is more easily digestible than other complex carbs, but it does not cause the same blood sugar spike associated with simple sugars. Semi-sweet or flavorless, this polysaccharide (chain of sugar units) comes from corn, potato, wheat, or rice (6). Used as a thickening agent or often as non-calorie sweetener, maltodextrin is a white powder that is native to both home-cooking and packaged foods.
There is some evidence that maltodextrin is ideal for a pre- or post-workout carbohydrate source due to readily available fuel without the digestive discomfort associated with simple sugars. The maltodextrin in FiberPro is resistant to digestion. It acts more like a soluble, prebiotic fiber that helps support normal gastrointestinal health.
Finding your way through food labels is rapidly becoming an art-form. With new ingredient names, new discoveries, and new research unleashed every day, staying on top of your food is practically a full-time job. Isagenix is firmly committed to high quality foods and supplements to augment and sustain your efforts of attaining an ideal weight. Whether your goal is weight loss, body sculpting, or defying aging—Isagenix is here to help.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

Easy Steps to Ease Joints

Support your joints into old age with Isagenix.
More than 30 percent of adults are in pain because of their joints, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1). It may come as no surprise that the knee took the uncomfortable cake with 18 percent of adults reporting pain in this hinge space.
The knee, a hinge joint that flexes and extends the leg, bears a heavy burden that gets heavier with more body weight. Older adults who are obese are three times more likely to have knee pain than their normal weight counterparts (2). However, researchers have found that weight loss can prevent nearly one-fifth of all new cases of severe knee pain in the elderly.
Many Americans (at least 30 percent) have a hard time imagining a life without physical discomfort. For those chronically affected by disaffected joints, pain is a part of life. Rather than accepting the fate of a breaking down body, perhaps defy it. Living long and living well require a very active effort—unfortunately time, toxins, and stress will not relent, and so neither should you. While some cases of joint pain require more to correct the condition, little steps and a little proactive thinking may take your joints a long way.
Know Your Joints
Joints are primary places for pain because they are complex, multi-functional, and used a great deal. Three types of joints exist in the body: fibrous, cartilaginous, and synovial. Synovial joints are the most mobile and most common joints in the body—they are also the most prone to injury and pain.
Synovial fluid is a viscous gel within a joint space that reduces friction. With a high content of hyaluronic acid to attract and trap water molecules, the fluid functions as a lubricant providing pain free movement. While synovial fluid is continually synthesized, levels decrease with age and activity.
The other majesty of movement within a synovial joint comes in the form of cartilage—the cushion that pads the ends of bones. A connective tissue with a soft spot, the function of cartilage is not particularly noticeable, until it is gone. Years of wear and tear on bones and joints will whittle away this protective covering, resulting in something synovial fluid can’t prevent: a bone-on-bone joint.
Stepping Out of Pain
While weight loss is an important preventative measure for managing joint pain in overweight and obese adults, there must be a strategy for people of all ages wearing all sizes. In the U.S. alone, young athletes incur more than three million knee injuries each year (3). Total relief and protection must come in many suits, and as you may have guessed, Isagenix has a solution to arrest your pain and promote lifelong joint health.
Ageless Pain Relief Cream provides a fast-acting topical solution for joint pain relief. Including key ingredients like menthol and methyl salicylates, this cream provides immediate comfort to joints and can help put you on the path to greater mobility. Over-the-counter pain killers can help reduce pain, but when taken too often they may also cause problems. Give your liver and stomach a break and instead go straight to the source; Ageless Pain Relief Cream does not have to be ingested and metabolized so you can choose where it goes and which body part reaps the benefits.
Lifelong Joint Support
Glucosamine is a foundational ingredient that supports cartilage from the ground up. Combined with proteins that form the base for cartilage, glucosamine supplementation helps give this rate-limiting step a step-up (4). Chondroitin pairs with glucosamine in the formation of cartilage, mostly noted for its promotion of a firm and flexible structure.
Synovial fluid is more readily rejuvenated than cartilage, but taking it for granted could take the spring out of your step. Hyaluronan, the water-grabbing molecule found in synovial fluid, may help increase the fluid in the joint space (5). Building on what we know to build up joints, Ageless Joint Support is a triple-action support for protecting, rejuvenating, and supporting the joint.
Complete with glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methyl-sulphonyl methane), and collagen, the major building blocks of cartilage, as well as hyaluronan to support synovial fluid, this supplement is part of the Isagenix solution to soothe and support.  Why take eight different supplements for your joints when one has everything you need?
Optimal joint support provides protection as well as relief. Isagenix provides a one-two punch to gain immediate relief while supporting your joints for a healthier tomorrow. Living with constant pain should not be the default. It’s time to get away from acceptance and move toward renewal.
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