Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Creating your reality – strategies for owning it and working it!

Creating your reality - My latest Daily Inspiration was about being in your power and now I want to expand on that topic and explain in more detail what I mean by that and how we can all actually live it. Living it is the crucial part. We can read about these topics all we want but until these words are actually brought fully into our bodies and applied practically (meaning, actually living with these principals) then nothing will ever really change. Creating your reality requires you to actually physically create through living and doing, not just reading and thinking! 

Responding vs Reacting

I think we all know the difference between responding and reacting but how often throughout the day are you really observing yourself and choosing to respond versus simply reacting? How often do you find yourself falling into the same patterns of complaining, whining and lamenting about your life? Maybe you aren’t that dramatic (smile) but we all have patterns that, when triggered, have us reacting instead of responding with clarity. Creating your reality and being in your power requires you to stop reacting out of habit and old beliefs and to start responding in ways that empower you and build the life you truly desire.
So one way to be in your power is to breathe, stay present and aware, and then respond. Before anything comes out of your mouth remember what your higher intentions, goals and dreams are. Then consider what response will support your highest path. Then from that place of clarity and focus you can respond. This is powerful. Choosing, at every moment, to live on your highest path is powerful. And it takes mental focus! Eventually these triggers will fade away like a distant memory but your life won’t change itself- it’s up to you to change your responses to life’s challenges.

I’m going to repeat the last sentence again for emphasis- Your life won’t change until you start responding differently to life’s challenges. So are you going to react today, or respond?
What you put out is what you get back (or the outer world is a mirror of our inner world!). You are creating your reality in every moment, so create consciously.
For any of you that have read my old Intention of the Week series you know how often I repeat “The outer world is a mirror of our inner world”…and I repeat it so often because it’s true. And the more you understand and apply this knowledge the more you can be in your power.
Think about when someone gets on your nerves. Why are they bugging you? (Just bring up someone into your mind and honestly think about what it is that bugs you.) Now take an honest and thorough self-appraisal and consider where in your life you act the same way. And then from there have love, compassion and forgive yourself. Know that everyone’s ego is annoying and we all have egos! Thus, we can all be annoying! Having compassion for yourself will soften you and allow you to then have compassion for others.
The next time you find yourself pointing the finger at someone else, blaming someone or just simply being annoyed by someone or something, know that you are giving your power over to that person or thing. When you switch your perspective to understand that we are all connected and you practice loving those parts of yourself you get your power back.

Taking Responsibility

Remember that things don’t happen to you, they happen for you. You are in charge of your life and can create it how you want, but only if you own that and take responsibility for your life as it is right now. I’m not saying that to make anyone have guilt or self-judgment- it really is time to let all that crap go. Just take ownership!! The longer you keep your focus “out there” and onto other people and circumstances the longer you will feel at the mercy of circumstance. A shift in perspective really is required here. You are a powerful creator of your own life! Are you ready to step into those shoes, take responsibility, and really create the life you want? Creating your reality and being in your power requires you to take responsibility for all of it. Even if someone is bugging the poo out of you, stop looking at them and look at yourself- now you have taken back your power instead of giving it away to other people.

May I get a little spiritual?

I try and be practical when I write so that everyone can apply philosophy in a way that actually translates to a more joyous life. But really, let’s think about this. We are all sparks of the Divine (or Source Energy, or God, or whatever you call it!). Every atom in this Universe comes from Source Energy. Thus, we are all connected as we are all ultimately from Source/Divine Energy. So why would the Divine withhold from the Divine? Why would Source judge Source? It wouldn’t! So anything you want can be yours and you are inherently worthy of all you desire. When you approach your life from authentic appreciation of all that life delivers and you trust yourself and the Divine, you are more powerful. Start embracing this today by embracing everything that happens with the knowledge that it is your creation, and trusting that it has a higher purpose.

Physical (Take care of your body!)

Finally, we are in a physical body so don’t think you can ignore your bodies and be fully in your power! Do whatever you feel called to do that will strengthen your physical body. Eat better foods, get some exercise, get some rest. Your body will guide you, and use common sense- don't fill your body with junk and expect to be all enlightened (heavy foods= heavy energy, generally speaking!). Make empowered choices in all areas of your life!
You get to choose. Choose to have what you want, and start today by thinking empowered thoughts and taking empowered action.

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