Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 Superfood Fruits You Haven't Tried—but Should

Apple, banana, yawn. These exotic alternatives are packed with vitamins and fabulous new flavor.


Peel off the spiky red covering of this iron-rich Southeast Asian treat to reveal a translucent white orb with a taste that marries grape and watermelon.


This vitamin-C-packed fruit from South America looks and feels like a lime, but cut it open to reveal juicy flesh that's reminiscent of a tangy pineapple.

Pepino Melon

Also native to South America, this aromatic fruit is single-serving in size, entirely edible and a crisp flavor blend of honeydew and cucumber. It's also an excellent source of fiber.

Dragon Fruit

This is the pop star of fruit—hot pink on the outside, bubblegum sweet on the inside. Scoop out the antioxidant-rich, seed-specked flesh and eat it like a kiwi.

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Victoria said...

Sounds Delish, but I have never seen any of these, where would you find them?