Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Better Brain. Better Sleep. Rest Assured.

The proven power of vigorous brain-boosting nutrients, combined with a powerful melatonin and nutrient complex spray make the Isagenix® Brain and Sleep Support System an ideal way to achieve a restful night’s sleep while supporting healthy brain function. Formulated by Dr. Michael Colgan and Isagenix Scientists this total cognitive health system is designed to work seamlessly with a total Isagenix wellness program.
Save Your Brain!
Studies show that cognitive decline begins in your 30s. The earlier you support brain health, the better. Brain Boost & Renewal provides natural dietary support for aiding memory and assisting in overall brain function.
“It’s never too early or late to start giving our brain everything it needs to build a long, healthy and sustained life. The Brain and Sleep Support System is the best investment you will ever make in the future health of your brain.” – Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D., CCN
The Brain Boost & Renewal:
  • Supports healthy brain function and increased cognitive function
  • Improves mental clarity, focus, concentration and memory
  • Optimizes your ability to learn new information
Rest Assured.
As we age, natural melatonin levels drop. Sleep Support & Renewal replenishes lost melatonin. Poor sleep quality is associated with problems like binge eating, weight gain, cognitive decline, impaired memory and shorter telomeres. The benefits of improved sleep quality include better focus, memory and alertness.
The Sleep Support & Renewal:
  • Reduces the time it takes to fall asleep
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Increases total time of sleep in persons who suffer from sleep restriction or altered sleep 
Measure your brain’s cognitive ability.
Standardized brain tests help define the level of brain function for each of us, thus helping scientists assess the biological age of your brain–not chronological age. In his book, Save Your Brain: Expand Your Mind, Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Member Dr. Michael Colgan outlines online tests to help you determine the cognitive functionality of your brain. After purchasing the Brain Boost and Renewal  we recommend you go to your Back Office IsaMail and open the “Test Your Brain Now” IsaMail and follow the instructions. Brain nutrition should be a daily habit along with weekly brain stimulation to make new connections and grow new cells.
Save Money While Saving Your Brain!
Plus, save $8.90 when purchasing these two items together. Purchase your Brain and Sleep Support System today by going to your Back Office “My Orders” section. These products are sold individually, but are best when used together as a system and when combined with Isagenix Cleansing and Replenishing products like IsaLean Shake, Cleanse for Life and Ageless Essentials with Product B.
For more information about our revolutionary new Brain and Sleep Support System, check out this flyer for links to videos, training webinars, articles, tips and more.

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