Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The World’s Best Shake Just Got Better

Now available in Creamy French Vanilla and Creamy Dutch Chocolate, your favoriteIsaLean® Shake now features our new Myo-IsaLean Complex™. This propriety protein blend has 50 percent more whey protein, 100 percent more fiber, fewer carbohydrates and less sugar as compared to the current IsaLean Shake. It’s also completely soy free!
It’s the protein that makes IsaLean Shakes so different. This complete nutritious meal replacement shake uses only the highest-quality, undenatured protein sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics. What you get is an all-natural, great-tasting, 240-calorie shake that’s healthier and perfect for achieving your weight loss, healthy aging, and energy and performance goals.
The new Myo-IsaLean Complex provides a higher whey-to-milk ratio comparable to the nutritional value found in human mother’s milk and is clinically proven to support muscle growth and maintenance, manage healthy blood sugar levels and increase satiety. Isagenix Founder, Master Formulator and Product B Formula Developer John W. Anderson’s supercharged reformulation also includes an increased amount of digestive enzymes to help with lactose intolerance. Plus, to align with our Cheerful Planet initiative to keep our planet clean for the next generation, our new shake packaging is biodegradable. Stay tuned for exciting developments on our new corporate sustainability initiative.
Here’s what some Associates are saying about the final reformulation after months of taste testing several different flavor profiles:
“The new shakes are creamier than ever and taste so delicious; they’re the best part of my day!”
“Just when I thought Chocolate IsaLean Shake couldn’t get any better, Isagenix does it again.”
“They’re supposed to be a meal, but they taste more like dessert!”
To get the new IsaLean Shakes* delivered to your doorstep, simply add your favorite system or pak to your next Autoship order.
*Please note that those Associates who order our great-tasting shakes a la carte on Autoship or through the Wholesale Order Catalog will not receive the new IsaLean Shakes until the Original, Natural Creamy Vanilla and Natural Creamy Chocolate stocks have depleted. We anticipate that will happen fairly quickly.
For more information on our new Creamy Dutch Chocolate and Creamy French Vanilla IsaLean shakes, visit Isagenix.com or check out our newest flyer.

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